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Homes in Costa Rica built to US Standards

Some folks believe it is not possible to build a home in Costa Rica to the same quality and standards you would find in the United States, but I can assure you that you can!

My name is Tom Rosenberger, owner of Costa Rica Home Builder, and I have lived in Costa Rica for more than 23 years.

During that time, I have designed and built numerous homes, condos, apartments, as well as developed land for multi-home estates.

I build homes to the highest standards, using proven technology, top quality materials, and most important, built to those standards you would find in North America and used by the best US home builders.

I speak Spanish and can communicate with everyone in the building or remodeling process, including architects, sub-contractors, attorneys, property sellers, suppliers and realtors.  In other words, everyone who is critical to the success of your project.


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