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For Developers

Land Development and Project Management Services

I can direct all operations including computerized office and personnel management, accounting, construction, advertising, sales and service.


Specific Services Available

  • Complete Business Projections and Profit Potentials to secure the most suitable Development and Construction Financing

  • Acquisition, Development and Construction of Subdivisions

  • Site Plan and Market Analyses to Establish Architectural Controls and Deed Restrictions to insure Design and Price Point Compliance for Successful Completion of Subdivisions

  • Market and Housing Product Analyses to Implement Advertising, Sales and Service Programs

  • Evaluation of Development and Construction Sites to provide Detailed Planning and Cost Analyses for Permitting and Construction

  • Investigation of Site Improvement and Building Requirements, Detailing Methods and Costs of Construction for Completion

  • Market Assessment and Feasibility Study of Contemplated Projects to provide Projections for Profit Potentials

  • Financial Analysis to Implement Cost Controls and determine the most suitable Method for Disposition of Real Estate Projects


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