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Costa Rica Land & Construction Inspections

Thorough Inspections and Detailed Reports in Costa Rica since 1993.

If you would like to review samples of Costa Rica Property Inspection Reports and pricing, please click here.

Costa Rican Land and Construction Inspector, Tom Rosenberger is a highly skilled bi-lingual professional, with over 30 years of land development and construction experience. Tom enables his clients to "See Beyond the Obvious" before committing to land acquisition and construction projects.

Tom is a legal resident of Costa Rica and has lived here since 1992, building and remodeling homes and condominiums, along with developing land into building lots.  

Tom has performed numerous evaluations of land development and housing projects in order to determine the most profitable return on investment, along with performing investigations of construction installations, detailing methods and costs of restoration and completion. 

Perhaps most importantly, Tom has learned to work with Costa Rican architects, tradesmen, government officials, and investors in resolving situations that occur during land development and construction projects. Put simply, there are few problems that he has not encountered in his broad experience. He is therefore in a unique position to provide his clients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions when considering living or conducting business in Costa Rica.

  • I can assure you that I will help you determine if the land you are contemplating is appropriate for building the housing you have envisioned.

  • If you are considering the purchase of existing housing, my inspection and detailed reports will give you all the specifications and costs you will need to determine if the dwelling you are interested in has been completed properly according to the local building codes and standards you are accustomed to.


If you would like to review samples of Costa Rica Property Inspection Reports and pricing click here.



  • Considering the purchase of land and want to insure it is suitable for building

  • Own existing property and wish to build a home

  • Considering the purchase of housing and want to make sure that all building materials and installation procedures have been 100% completed, prior to closing.

  • Currently own or want to purchase existing housing for renovation 



  • Inspection of raw land and developed lots to determine if the property is suitable to construct the housing you envision.

  • Inspection of existing housing to determine the current state of construction and detail incomplete installations or defects and their associated costs to complete, repair or replace.



Part of providing a complete housing or land inspection is not only having, but also learning to use the appropriate tools and instruments to properly complete the inspection. Here are some of the instruments I utilize.

Wagner C 575 Concrete Moisture Meter - This professional grade, electronic meter, enables me to assess moisture conditions in concrete floors and walls with electromagnetic wave technology.
Wagner MMC 220 Wood Moisture Meter - This professional grade electronic meter allows me to adjust the specific gravity for all species of hardwoods. l locate and analyze wood that has cracked, warped or shrunk due to abnormal humidity conditions, many times caused by water infiltration inside of dwellings.
Meterman TRH22 Relative Humidity Temperature Meter - This laboratory grade meter measures relative humidity and temperature, in Celsius or Fahrenheit, within a 10% resolution up to 100%, to establish exterior and interior parameters of small areas such as ductwork or any dwellings current conditions.
GB Instruments Multi-Meter - When troubleshooting excessive moisture in floors, walls or ceilings of construction projects, most times electricity has been previously installed. With my Multi-Meter, I can determine the location and strength of AC Voltage as well as proper grounding and polarization for personal safety as well as for protection of electronic equipment.

Hilti PD-42 Laser Range Meter - This electronic meter accurately and reliably measures to within +/- 1.0 mm and can determine measurement of distances from 0.05 m to 200 m with laser precision and signal pulse technology. This instrument enables me to measure direct distances of land up to 656' lineal feet or 200 meters, building areas in square feet or meters (M2), volume of water in septic tanks or pools, in cubic gallons or liters (M3) as well as surface areas of rooms for paint quantity in gallons or liters (L) as well as Pythagoras, which determines a buildings height without the need for a ladder or an assistant

My home inspection services are widely recommended by the most prominent real estate companies in Costa Rica such as:

GoDutch Realty
America European Real Estate Group
RE/MAX Best Climate Atenas

If you would like to review samples of Costa Rica Property Inspection Reports and pricing, please click here.

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