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Residential Design, Planning and Home Building Services

Most would agree that buying land then building something on that land (home, condo or multiple dwellings) is a daunting task in your own country where you speak the language.

To do this in a foreign country where you are not at all familiar with their zoning laws, financing, building permits, architectural design, water and sewage rights, condo laws, corporate formation, etc. can be a very scary thing indeed. 

Now add the critical support services (retaining a trustworthy attorney, how escrow works, title insurance, contracting with an architect, and banking) not to mention communicating your needs to a builder who may not understand English and definitely is not familiar with the type of construction you are accustomed to.

My customers generally fall into the following categories:

  • People who wish to acquire land in Costa Rica with the idea of building either immediately or in the future

  • Those who currently own property and now wish to build a home

  • Those who currently own a home or wish to buy a home that they will then remodel to North American  standards using proven building techniques and quality materials.

Having extensive experience in all of these areas, I am fully prepared to help you:

  • Inspect and evaluate your land and provide computerized detailed plans for cost effective construction of your home or manage completion of your entire housing project

  • Analysis of your residential construction site to provide architectural and engineering construction plans in order to determine the costs and time to complete your home

  • Engineering, architectural, topographical and legal preparation of your construction site for cost effective, timely completion of your home

  • Complete, hands on construction management to provide you with a quality, finished product on time and within your budget

I am 100% familiar with all laws regarding land development, construction, permitting, and can make sure you are well represented in the process.  Note: I am not a realtor and I do not sell any property except those that I am developing, building, or renovating.

I speak Spanish and am comfortable communicating with lawyers, realtors, architects, building crews, suppliers... in short everyone who will be necessary in making your project successful.


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